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February 22, 2009


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I'm disappointed.

Megyn Kelly is 10x hotter, and actually has a brain in her head. Sure Robin is nice to look at, but with Megyn, you get to look at her, and be amazed by her smarts as well.


Megyn Kelly IS my favorite fox on Fox. She's whip smart and super fine, but she looks like a coat rack next to Robin's curvaceous bod. And do I really want someone that confrontational in my face first thing in the morning? Not so much.

I promise to feature Megyn on the blog sometime soon and include some YouTube videos of her putting the smack down.


she wears a "bump it" in her hair -- maybe she's snookie's cuz?

they both have bump its and big boobs - i just tried to watch and it's weird.

i want the news....not people pretending to be my "friend" -- i have enough friends and they don't have fake laughs and annoying mannerisms....

fake hair, fake boobs, juviderm overinflated upper lips and blinding white veneers do NOT a good journalist make.
plus...she's VERY nasily.
i think she may have had a bad nose job, too - it sounds very stuffy in there.
maybe she needs to spend her money on getting the nasal problem fixed before spending more on plumbing up her lips or the fake teeth.
(she reminds me of the episode of "friends" where david schwimmer had the whitening treatment and everyone had to wear shades. LOL...why doesn't someone TELL her how unnatural it looks.
cosmetic procedures are meant to look natural -- not super fake.)

but...if it's all about the big boobs for you...then her weirdness and annoying fake "cutsey" mannerisms won't bother you one bit.
i personally...don't "get" it


Gee... for someone who doesn't "get it" you sure spend a lot of time Google-ing about Robin Meade in the early morning, and you sure have spent some time criticizing her here on my little blog.

As Shakespeare would say, methinks the lady doth protest too much.


Nice job woody

ken martin

Robin is very HOTT. Has to be a 34D.


Robin Meade is way hotter than Megyn Kelly!

Megyn work for fox how smart can she really be?

She work for the biggest fraud in the News industry fox is full of lies and propaganda that makes Megyn a modern day Joseph Gerbils

Vincent Coelho

She gives me the thrills, the chills , everything.
She has to be the sexiest woman alive.
My God, I watch HLN just to see her.
What a great smile, body, teeth, great everything.
She might be making a ton of money on HLN.


Megyn Kelly, no boobs or behind and she works for fox. Hmmm, I don't get what your definition of hot is. Maybe you like women that have boy body's. I guess you are going to tell us how hot Paris Hilton is next.


LMFAO What ever damn dumb republican shithole thinks that Megyn Kelly is hot doesn't have and perception of beauty. My wife is amazing.

Larry E. Artis

Robin I want you to know that you are truly God's gift to man. The joy you impart to the world from your being is awsome glory to our creator.


Megyn Kelly, finer than Robin??? You're crazy! That Fox "Noise" is starting to affect your eyesight as well!

Jonathan D. Freundlich

Robin is as beautiful and as sexy as ever. Great pictures on a website called "Woody's Place." Her figure, I'm pleased to say, is fabulous and lovely to look at. In watching "Morning Express" on Wed., 1/5/2011, I sense her catching a cold with cough. Such sad news. Feel better, sweet Robin


most of sunnie's criticism is hollow. no "bump-it", no cosmetic surgery, Robin Meade's a former Miss Ohio, tho knowing what condition my teeth are in, i think everyone with dazzling white teeth must have done work on them. you can like her voice or dislike it. Robin's figure is exquisite, but what i like most about her is her genuine-ness! contrary to sunnie's criticism, i don't think anything about her is fake. she really is cheerful and outgoing! good morning, sunshine!


You stick it to 'em Tim! Your wife IS amazing and VERY sweet and attractive! YOU are a lucky man!

FT in IN


If anyone asks, Robin Meade is so very beautiful indeed. But her assets keep staring me in the eyes.

Charles Volcher

Megyn Kelly is a former atty thats why Megyn is SMARTER then Robin. But as far as body goes Robin is much cuter then Megyn. Robin has a NICE BIG rack on such a small frame and I heard that her husband was a dummy

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