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March 21, 2010


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Our once grand system of checks and balances is now FUBAR


How hard is it to move to New Zealand?


MOCK: Correctamundo!

BRIAN: I dunno. How hard was it for the Pilgrims ro move to America? Probably something like that. Hmm... I we emmigrate we leave behind our share of the national debt. Might have to get to plannin'!


NZed is easier than Oz. Helps if you have a sponsor. They've been inundated with asians and the days of arriving and settling down are long gone.

Curtal Friar

Well, the House may have passed their damned bill, and the wannabe messiah may have signed the damned bill, but like the saying goes, "it ain't over till the fat lady sings." They still have to get past this upcoming election, and there's a very good chance that the balance of power will shift this November. When that happens, their godforsaken bill can be thrown out. Legislation can be gotten rid of or changed.

Hell, Prohibition was done away with. We can do away with the healthcare boondoggle as well.

Curtal Friar

Adding to my last comment, it's the attitude of many of the damned democrats that they don't care if they lose the upcoming election, so long as they get their beloved healthcare agenda passed.

I don't think it's occurred to the idiots they anyone might dream of throwing out their beloved bill. I'm gonna love seeing some of their faces if that comes to pass, for not only will the idiots be out on their asses, but their historic work will be nullified as well.

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