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April 28, 2010


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Obama calls the law “poorly conceived” then goes on to state a bunch of crap about what he’s going to do in regards to immigration. You want “poorly conceived”, it’s Obama stating all the things he’s going to make immigrants and illegal immigrants do without any way of finding them outside of waiting for them to break our laws and get caught (at which point we pay for that legal process and the human expense of whatever crime). while the majority of illegal’s stay under the radar pay no taxes and leach off our system by making use of our schools, hospitals, roads, police protection, fire fighters, economic opportunities, and military protection.
Truth is he wants to naturalize them because most of them make under 30K a year and therefore would become dependent on our ever expanding entitlement systems. This would make them beholding to him and put one of the final nails in the free enterprise system of the US.




I love how these dumbass liberals drop in and throw out some shit like that and then don't even have the guts to type in their e-mail address...

How is it fascism? You have to present photo ID to board a fucking airplane and it's fascist to present one to a police officer who's already pullled you over for something entirely unrelated?


You want fascism go check out the immigration laws Mexico levy's on Americans! $10,000 a DAY fine if you work in Mexico without "papers". Shall we start fining Mexican illegals working in the US? Make them pay to get out of jail, or "work it off" in the prison system? How's that sound?

Fucking liberals... as stupid as the day is long.


Sounds like you're as lazy as I thought...

-Showing your "photo ID" to the TSA or Phoenix Police or AZDPS doesn't prove citizenship. Duh.

-You say you "stand with the constitution"? Really? Read it lately, "Woody"??

How bout this part?:
"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

(Hint. Its the fourth one in one, two, Three, FOUR.)

Fucking Teabaggers...Lazy as a old toothless dogs.

Snarky Basterd

Oh, that's nice, Woody. Good avatar fodder, too. I'll swipe the smaller one in your sidebar there, for just that purpose.


The AZ law only applies to situations where law enforcement has already made lawful contact with the individual. Don't try to pretend this is going to be causing the police to round up people off the streets. That's called "hyperbole", look it up.

Everything I've read says that showing a proper photo ID will be enough. A car with 8 people packed in, when none can produce any ID and none of them speak English is the kind of situation this is aimed at. Only a liberal would want our cops to turn a blind eye to something like that.

Why is the left always standing up for criminals? Oh, because they are all morally bankrupt degenerates, that's why.

Oh, and notice how he skips over Mexico's draconian immigration laws entirely. Somehow America is always the bad guy to these self loathing hippies.


If you’re not a citizen you have no rights under the Constitution.

Hell I go through road blocks all the time and yes they ask for my ID, what’s the difference?

Common sense has to come into play some time people. No need to check the blond haired blue eyed chick with the New York accent we with brains know she’s ok. But if you got 12 Mexican looking dudes stuffed into an 88 arostar and none of them speak English you might want to check there papers. Just like if you have a middle aged Arabic looking man acting strange in an airport with strange bulges in his pants it might be time for that strip search thing.


"No need to check the blond haired blue eyed chick with the New York accent we with brains know she’s ok. But if you got 12 Mexican looking dudes stuffed into an 88 arostar and none of them speak English you might want to check there papers."

R A C I S T ! ! !


Go AZ!


Sorry for the redundancy, Woody, however, my comment from WAMK for your readers here:

"If I went to any country right now and was pulled over I would have to have a passport or something to prove who I am and where I am from and if I can't prove it then I risk going to jail. In some countries you end up in prison for years and years or never heard from again. We have three hikers in Iran for just getting near the border. Yet we are supposed to sit and watch the huge u-hauls over loaded with illegals cross over and wave a welcome sign - go figure! So... do we call every other nation racist because they require us to have documentation when we go to their country???

With that said, keep in mind the United States has had such liberal policies with the border that has allowed human smuggling, turn a blind eye to illegal workers (until fairly recently), we give free medical care and education if you can get across the border, drop houses are occurring more and more (today 69 found in ONE house), we have had one or two police officers killed by illegals within the last couple of year, a high school student was killed 12/08 by an illegal drunk driver, drug rings, theft, murder....etc....etc.

I can go on and on and when we finally stand up and say ENOUGH already Arizona is NOT a safe haven for illegals (no matter what country you are from) yet people cry racist! What people don't understand is what we Arizonan's have to endure on a consistent basis because of the open border.

I have friends who are afraid to stay with family in Tucson because you can hear the illegals rummaging though their yard at night breaking into their outer business and stealing things, urinating and defecating - it is just scary! If you agree then you must speak up and let people know enough is enough!!! It cost Arizona almost a BILLION a year for illegals.

Whether or not you support 1070, it sure takes a lot of nerve for the government of Mexico to criticize it when their own immigration laws are far more strict.

I am also hearing a lot of criticism from people who evidently are completely unaware that longstanding Federal law already requires legal immigrants and foreign visitors to carry their documentation with them at all times."


I'd really like to know where these liberals get their supplies. A couple of keys of those fairy farts they're snorting and I could be as braindead as they are. Then everything could go totally to shit, and I wouldn't care either!

Has there ever been a true psychological study of what ails them? I mean, we know the difference between pessimist, optimist, and pragmatist. But where IS this lala land they exist in?

LC Aggie Sith

Fabulous, Woody...just fabulous :)

As an Hispanic, living in South Texas, I just have one thing to say:


What galls me about the brouhaha going on in AZ is that the bill only ENFORCES CURRENT FEDERAL LAW. But I guess the feds weren't doing their job, so the state decided to take the initiative. In essence, the feds were pussies, and AZ is showing balls, and the illegals are afraid, as they should be.


Response to 'Me' (rhymes with 'Teabagee'):

The Constitution is for citizens of this country.

Dwell on that for just a moment or two.

OK, that's enough. Don't want to overload your synapses just yet.

Now explain how AZ protecting the citizens of their state is such a bad thing, seeing as the federal government has so blatantly abdicated responsibility?

Take your time; this internetty thingie will be here for a while.

O'Shea Shenannigans

"No need to check the blond haired blue eyed chick with the New York accent we with brains know she’s ok. But if you got 12 Mexican looking dudes stuffed into an 88 arostar and none of them speak English you might want to check there papers."

R A C I S T ! ! !

That is not racist, it is taking action based on behavior. If I have 12 blond haired blue eyed chicks stuffed into van, I will pull them over. Never know when the Swedish bikini team is trying to cross the border.


I think Woody was being sarcastic . I personally don’t believe any race is inferior or superior however liberals have expanded the definition of racism to include any observation of racial traits outside of just acknowledging that the traits exist. Actually this is an oxymoron because it’s the liberals that state we need immigrant workers to do the jobs our unemployed workforce (now 10%)is too good to do. In my town the lower income areas are teaming with people not working (who may not even be part of the 10% actively seeking work) I don’t think they are too good at all to work, I do.


Some buddies and I were talking about this the other day. We are expecting any and all Constitutionality cases to be heard and debated by the SCOTUS.

Can you imagine the discussion points made by whatsherface Sotomayor? And her huff, if the collective SCOTUS actually gets it right?


The only problem with this law is that it will push the illegals into my state of Nevada. That is why all the states need to have the same legislation.

Now we have a movie coming out that promotes violence against anti-immigration persons. You know this is well funded from the left


"I stand with sovereignty, not against it. I stand with The Constitution, not against it. I stand with Arizona. "

So you're a moron then? I never knew! Looks like you've got friends here by the looks of it.



lol. That's from Fox, so its automatically bullshit... I don't even need to click it.

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