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June 07, 2010


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Steamboat McGoo

Woody, I could be way off, but I perceive that a lot of the hostility towards BP is spin-off from O'Buggers posturing, owning - then not owning the issue, and general disingenuity over the issue. That and the inflammatory reporting on the whole thing.

My perception is that BP is busting ass world-wide to fix this thing. I also perceive that if they'd been allowed to drill in shallower water this would never have happened - and even if it had, it would be WAY easier to fix.

I blame the Dem's and Green Weenies.

I'm starting to question if ANYHING the Greens have accomplished in history has been effective and truly worth it - without unexpected and unforseen downsides.


Steamboat Mcgoo makes a excellent point if they were allowed to drill in shallower water one this situation would have been more easily resolved and two may never have happened in the first place. The very fact that this has happened in deep water has amplified the size and dispersion of the spill with unknown consequences under water as well. Liberals always miss the big picture. I blame them



P.S. Mock needs to get a blog.


What McGoo said.

BTW, I see that 'the one' would fire the head of BP if he were a government employee.

This guy should get credit for being able to piss you off more than you thought you could be pissed off.

I can't even come up with a good enough insult.

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