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June 17, 2010


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Should be put on _nearly_ EVERY government project.

LC Aggie Sith



Not if we just stiff them..

Gayle Miller

Amen friends!


Oozes pure awesome. Into the sidebar immediately.


I look forward to the GOP cutting taxes and not cutting spending. Of course, that kind of debt is OK, even though it's also funded by borrowing from the Chinese. Good job.


Seriously, hearing Republicans preach fiscal discipline is like hearing the town drunk advocate teetotaling. Did you not live through 8 years of GOP budget deficits?


I agree... it's almost as absurd as hearing a liberal like you ridiculing conservatives like me for skewering Obama because he ran up the national debt more in two years than the entire eight years of the Bush administration. I mean, there is NO difference there!

See this chart:

It's a nice even line right? No difference between now and back then, so people like me should just sit down and shut up.

Thanks for straightening me out. Tell George Soros I promise to be an obedient proletariat from now on.

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