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June 25, 2010


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Woody, I just blew snot!!! Seriously! Linkage shall follow, my friend!


Feel free to blow snot here anytime Andy... it's your keyboard.

Glad you like my stylings. More to come. I like the graphical cheap shot more than writing I have to take time to hone. Time is so short nowadays...


If you remember, way back when we were laughing at photos of Barry dressed in his ceremonial moslem head-chopping gear. Taken in '80 and '81, in Pakistan, when Americans were banned from entering the country.

The only way to get a Pakistani visa, which Obama absolutely HAD to have, was to either enter as a Brit, or a Kenyan. With a British passport he would have had to report his place of birth as Kenya, because the Brits simply didn't give American citizens UK passports, but they DO give Kenyan nationals visiting-worker rights and passports to go along with it.

This isn't to say I, or anyone else for that matter...on our side at least... REALLY knows where this guy came from or how he managed to get around back then, but fer chrissake all he'd have to do is open the books and explain it all.

I think, that he managed to travel with bogus passports and visa's due to his Chicago syndicate connections, hence the reluctance to come clean.

One way he's an illegal alien, the other he's a forger, so we'll never hear the real story until the guy is looooong gone from politics.


The bad thing is that once this guys out of office and anyone responsible for covering up is no longer in a place of authority the stories and facts will come out and the history books will record our generation as a gullible bunch of rubes for letting an under experienced, in eligible, non patriot run than electing him only because of his ethnicity and nontraditional name. At least we can tell our grandchildren we weren’t part of the stupid crowd.


But... isn't the "worker" part inaccurate?


FITS: Good point. The MSM/DNC Cabal will keep ignoring that until he's out of office, then milk it for ratings.

MOCK: I have documented proof here on my blog that I was not one of the fools. :-)

DAVID: Working for us? Perhaps, but working for SEIU, ACORN and George Soros? No, he's working hard for them I'm sure.


Nor was I a "rube". There has GOT to be somebody with the facts. GOT to be. As there must be that same someone disgustingly rich from sitting on said facts. Or vibrating in constant fear of discovery.


Wanna use my source here? Might be useful.

O'Shea Shenannigans

What happened to common sense? damn it I want this guy out of office. He is doing nothing. Change? My fat ass...change is what everyone is asking for out on the street now.


Obama's birth certificate is unavailable to anyone unable to use Google, I guess:

This reminds me of those that say the moon landing was faked. No matter what contradictory evidence is presented, it's just dismissed as part of the "cover up" . It's really easy to "prove" your hypothesis if your assumptions are:
1. your hypothesis is true
2. any evidence that doesn't support your hypothesis has to
be fraudulent because it doesn't support your hypothesis

If any of you ever decide to join the reality based community, feel free to visit me :-)



No Greg, this is what a REAL birth dertificate from 1960's Hawaii looks like:

What you linked to is NOT a birth CERTIFICATE.

What Hospital was Barack supposedly born in?
What doctor delivered him?
Why can't we see the original HISTORICAL document that is supposedly on file?

Oh right, because IT DOESN'T EXIST.

Here's the most likely explanation I can ascribe the the facts we have at our disposal:

Obama was born in Kenya as stated repeatedly by his Kenyan grandmother, his American grandparents put a birth announcement in the Hawaiian newspaper to announce the new grandchild to their friends and neighbors, and once Barack's mother got back to Hawaii they filed for a Certificate of Live Birth. The COLB was commonly issued for Hawaiians who gave birth at home or while travelling, but it does NOT prove the person was born IN America.

Barack Obama is a Kenyan citizen by birth, and has no right to serve as President of The United States. This entire episode has been a fraud of epic proportions, and Obama's advocates (like Greg here) use riducule to try and shut down dissenting opinions instead of simply PRODUCING THE FUCKING DOCUMENT!


Even though we know that is not a birth certificate it still has got to be the cleanest crispest 50 year old document I’ve ever seen.
Liberal lemmings


Unlike Greg, I'll toss personal feelings aside and treat this as if Barry was just a regular Joe. The facts:

As late as 2004, Kenyan newspapers were still referring to then Senator Barack Obama as Kenyan-born. Prior to this, as Woody says, Barry's Grandmother had always stated to anyone, anywhere, that her grandson was indeed an African by birth.

In the early 80's, Barack Hussein could NOT have entered Pakistan with an American passport, but since Kenya enjoyed reciprocity with Great Britain, he did so under either a British visa or Kenyan, neither of which can be substantiated as they have been placed under the same security blanket as everything about Barry including his grade school coloring books.

There has been no attempt to provide actual birth certificates or passports or visa's or ANY transcripts from Barack Hussein's American education, and since all or any of the above would silence his critics in a NY minute, it is at the least troubling that these documents are being withheld.

Conclusion: ANY person of good will would have to admit that there remains more proof as to his status as an alien, then ANYTHING proving his American citizenship. Not saying he isn't, just offering whats available in black and white.

Again, "they" could change this without breaking a sweat but don't.


Can anyone say "Manchurian Candidate"?

Just sayin'.

O'Shea Shenannigans

So easy to dis prove us, then do it Greg. Produce the document, it is very easy to end all this bullshit and shut us "birthers" up...Just. Produce. The. Document.


Linkage, indeed!

Curtal Friar

Woody, got something posted over at my site you might like to take a gander at:


Just before Obama showed up in the political field, we were told not to use racial profiling because Islamists were recruiting European looking members, the scary thing is we were told this by the very same liberals that ushered this individual into the highest office in the land an individual that (as stated before) has no birth certificate, spent his formative years outside of the US, has very questionable associations, and has had a very well funded life style with no obvious source for that funding. I’m sorry you have to be retarded if you look at this guy’s background and don’t get the creepy-crawlies.


Guys, let's get real. Democrats didn't like Bush, but they went through 8 years of him. They were the malcontent. They lost the vote, and that's that. Now Republicans are the malcontent. No matter how much you want Obama out, the majority wants him in. Just wait until 2012, and let's see who the majority of Americans want. If we elect a Republican, they can do what the majority wants, and if we elect a Democrat, then he can implement what the majority wants. That's all it is.
If we're to prosecute Obama for his legality and other actions that you don't like, then why didn't we prosecute Bush for what he did that other's didn't like?


Who is suggesting prosecuting Obama for doing something that we don't like? I don't see anyone on this thread proposing anything other than ensuring Obama's compliance with THE LAW. Nobody is above the law, no matter how many votes they got!


If my city hired a town manager without ANY references, meaning educational curricula, place of birth, the usual stuff, I'd be storming through the doors, open or closed, to find out what they were smoking. All any of us are asking for is simply the due diligence necessary to hire a postal clerk fer chrissake. I literally know more about the kid who delivers my newspapers than I do about the president of the United States.

And liberals along with the Yellowstream Media think this is okay. Mind boggling.

rob in katy

So, if we find that we have an impostor, what happens to all the bills that he signed?

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