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September 17, 2010


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Because Shari'ah is better than the Constitution

LC Aggie Sith

Looks like a baby blue colored target to me...

You can caption: "Now THIS is change we can deliver!"


I've got a couple of 'em right here and here. (Note: The second one is in bumper sticker form. It just doesn't show up as such on a white background.)


Crap. Apparently one can't post hyperlinks as html. Oh well, here they are in their "raw" form.


You guys have to go check out what the guys at Hillbuzz have done with this. Much R'ing OFL going on across the country. Nice of the dumbocrats to give us a chuckle, after all the grief they've given us.


Guess they didn't realize it stood for "OD".

Woody in Georgia

D'oh! -

Woody in Georgia

3 Step Plan:
Insert Trillion$
Push Handle Down
Wait for Change

Steamboat McGoo

Democrats: "Shielding themselves from reality since 1980"

or, Democrats: "Separating themselves from the Wad."

or, Democrats: "Too elite to mix with the Common Man."

or, Democrats: "Isolating themselves - thank God!"

or, Democrats: "The first step with any contagion is containment!"

Steamboat McGoo

Woody, I actually did a graphic from that last item in my comment.


Thanks for the credit, Woody. I may "borrow" and further modify for my own use, with attribution as "after... "

Curtal Friar


Lords Of The Blue Ball

might think of something else later.

Got an open thread challenge up at my place you might like.

O'Shea Shenannigans

The logo is terrible. The amount of thought that went into that was the same that went into Universal Healthcare.

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